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Benefits of Tai Chi to Bodybuilders

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Juneau Tai Chi & Its Benefits

Staying healthy can be challenging in this day and age. With so little time in a busy schedule to eat right and exercise, it is no wonder that nearly 3 out of every 5 American adults are overweight. With the rates of obesity increasing in women while not improving in men, finding ways to stay fit is crucial. Thankfully, there are many options out there.

Many people benefit from having their exercise tied in with other interests. It is in part why classes are so popular. Surrounded by other people and improving over time, it can be a lot easier to engage with others instead of going in alone. With that in mind, let's take a moment to review an exercise that will help to change your life for the better. Providing exercise, strength training, medication and stress reduction, Juneau Tai Chi is something that is well worth your time. Let's take a moment to review what exactly what it is and its benefits.

What Is Juneau Tai Chi?

Owing its origin to somewhere around the 12th century, Tai Chi has gradually evolved over the centuries into a martial art. Translating out to 'Supreme Ultimate Boxing', Tai Chi is far less violent than the name would imply. Focusing on controlled and careful movement, this martial art is practiced primarily for defensive training and for the health benefits as well. It requires a great deal of concentration and careful movement. One of its benefits is that people at any health level can start and improve over time.

What Are The Benefits Of Juneau Tai Chi?

1. Easy To Start And Continue

As we stated above, it is easy to start. Regardless of your fitness level, you can begin learning the movements and positions that define the martial art. In addition to being easy to start, you can also stay motivated easier than other sports. Tai Chi includes a group participation element that is fun and engaging. The group environment has been shown to keep individuals better motivated as people help one another to show up. As a result, Tai Chi is more effective at staying motivated to go to than going for a walk or bike ride.

2. Exercise

Like yoga, this form of martial art can vary in intensity and the amount of exercise it provides. The exercise is aerobic and provides a steady workout for muscles and organs. As the CDC recommends at least an hour of exercise a couple times a week, Tai Chi is the perfect way to keep moving.

3. Core Strength Training

Interested in building strength and being healthier? Tai Chi can be a rewarding and challenging martial art that leaves you healthier and fit as a result. It is beneficial because it moves all parts of the body, training ligaments and muscles together. Your entire body will balance as your strength, balance, and dexterity increases. Practice can also reduce the number of accidental injuries you get around the house.

4. Self Defense

It is a great martial art for teaching the basics of self-defense. Providing you the confidence to go out on your own, Tai Chi is a great way to build up the skills you need to stay safe. The moves taught through are great for disarming threats, keeping people at bay, and escaping holds. The more fit you become, the better you will be at self-defense.

5. Emotional Boost

Research has shown that there is a direct link between exercise and mood. The more we are physically active, the greater our overall mood will be. Juneau Tai Chi provides this and more. It allows individuals to build confidence in their bodies and be proud of their ability. It creates a goal that people can work towards, making things like weight loss and strength training far easier. By providing a focus, this martial art can give you the emotional and physical boost that you are looking for.

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